My Oracle Page

I worked on a technicall review of "Overview of OCA Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I" book that went into print November 2011. It is a very good book for someone looking to learn and take a test in Oracle SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-051 exam for Oracle Certified Associate.
OCA Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I: A Real World Certification Guide

Here is an other book I reviewed in 2016. "Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook" that went into print in summer 2016.
Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook

Oracle DBAs "How to"

How to monitor tablespace usage, report invalid objects and unusable indexes
How to analyze all tables (current partitions and not partitioned tables)
How to monitor long running transactions
How to automate Oracle password change
PL/SQL procedure to validate all invalid objects
List of all tables that have partitions
How find the location of a table or index blocks ( tablespace, datafile and block_ids )
How to copy Oracle 10g database to an other location
Oracle to Progress map
Oracle PL/SQL as it is seen by Progress programmer (double click overview on the left)
"Progress and Oracle" presentation at PUG Challenge America, Westford MA June 6-8 2011