Oracle to Progress Dictionary

Note: that is not accurate translation, because it is often not possible to match apples to apples

Memory Structures
Oracle Progress
Everything below is SGA (sga_max_size = 3000M) N/A
Database Buffer Cache (db_cache_size = 2400M) Number of Database Buffers (-B 5000)
LOG Buffer (log_buffer = 1048576) Number of Before-Image Buffers (-bibufs 25)
Everything below is Shared Pool (shared_pool_size = 600M) N/A
Library Cache -D is kind of similar, but it is session parameter *
Data Dictionary Cache ?
PL/SQL Area No stored procedures in Progress
Background Processes
Disk Files
Control File(s) (.ctl) database file(.db)
Data Files (tablespace.dbf) Data Files (area.d)
Redo Log (redolog01.dbf) Before-Image File (.b) *
Archive Log After-Image File (.a) *
* Not exactly