Progress Code Examples

Progress DBA

Replication Scripts for Unix
How much db and bi extents are in use?
How to create a partial Progress database backup?
How to create .st file from a backup
How to monitor the table and index usage statistics by the user?
How to monitor before-image size?
How to grow bi to its normal size ( bigrow )
In what Storage Area are my Tables and Indexes?
How to disconnect users with long transactions
Check Lock Table size
The Use of After-image Replication for Reporting and replication scripts for Windows
How to purge big table data
AiScanStat.p A program to scan AI file with the "verbose" option and create stats per transaction ( by George Potemkin )
DbBlockInfo.p A program that parses the standard block headers. It currently supports two types of the blocks - data and index. One can add the support for other block types. ( by George Potemkin )
-zqil Start up parameter
How to clear program cache (-q) ?
List of the Progress Startup Parameters undocumented as well as "documented" ( by George Potemkin )
Database attributes stored in master block, Timestamps of each database extents, Highwatermarks, Shared-memory segment and semaphore ID, Status of the process that opened database, Login statistics ( by George Potemkin )
Windows NT script for Progress backup v8
If Binary Load failed with error (6255) Progress V7-8


"Performace Testing Progress and Oracle" presentation at PUG Challenge America 2012, Westford MA May 6-9
Toolkit for presentation at PUG Challenge America 2012, Westford MA May 6-9
ATM Results, PUG Challenge America 2012
"Progress and Oracle" presentation at PUG Challenge America 2011, Westford MA June 6-8
Progress to Oracle Map
My oracle page

Progress SQL 92

How to create update statistics script
How to check update statistics
How to Query Progress Metaschema

Progress ABL

How to make HTML Document of database schema ? ( like Data Dictionary )
How to Walk the Procedure Call Tree (.p and .i) ?
How to walk the widget tree ?
Rcode-info ( by George Potemkin ) You can find version, size, rcode-crc, as well as initial, action, e-code and debug segments, internal procedure segments and frame segments, text segment, languages, code page etc.
Data Dictionary. Report Tables and Fields.
Data Dictionary. Report Indexes.


How to display MS-Word document in Embeded SpeedScript
WebSpeed Broker Administration
WEB-CONTEXT attributes
SQL in Embeded SpeedScript
CGI environment variables

XML and Progress 4GL

XML Parser ( Progress V9.1 and up )

ED for Windows

How to check Progress code syntax in ED for Windows

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