Progress to Oracle Map

Note: that is not accurate translation, because it is often not possible to match apples to apples

Memory Structures and parameters
Progress Example Oracle Example
Database Buffer -B 125000 Database Buffer Cache db_cache_size=2400M
Before-Image Buffers -bibufs 25 LOG Buffer log_buffer=1048576
database name -db sports database name db_name=SID
Connections -n 200 User and System Sessions processes=200
Max Client Servers -Mn Max Shared Servers max_shared_servers (default 1/8 processes param)
Other Client Server param -Ma, -Mi Other Shared Servers param dispatchers,shared_servers
spin on a latch -spin 2000 spin on a latch spin_count=2000
Lock Table -L 100000 maximum number of DML locks dml_locks=100000
I18N cp-* National Language Support nls_*
Date Format -d dmy Date Format nls_date_format=DD-MON-RR
Background Processes
Asynhronous Page Writer APW Database Writer DBWn
Before Image Writer BIW Log Writer LGWR
After-Image Writer AIW Archive Process ARCn
Watch Dog WDOG Process Monitor PMON
Database Broker _mproserv System Monitor SMON
Other Processes
Login Broker _mproserv Listener lsnrctl help
Disk Files
Database File sports.db Control File(s) control01.ctl
System Area sports.d1 System Tablespace system01.dbf
D Files area.d Datafiles tablespace.dbf
Before-Image File sports.b1 Redo Log and Undo tablespace (1) redo01.log and undotbs.dbf (1)
After-Image File in use sports.a1 Redo Log (1) redo01.log (1)
Copy of After-Image File sports.date_time_etc Archive Log SID.date_time_etc (2)
Log File sports.lg Alert Log alert_SID.log (2)
Parameter File pfile (or spfile) initSID.ora (2)
(1) Progress and Oracle are quite different in transaction processing. No direct map of .bi and .ai
(2) Oracle SID is a Database ID, like DB name in Progress (sports)
Environment Variables and Installation
Progress Example Oracle Example
DLC /usr/dlc101C ORACLE_HOME /usr/oracle/10.2.0
PATH should have $DLC/bin PATH should have $ORACLE_HOME/bin
To install run proinst To install run runInstaller
Logical Structures
Progress Example Oracle Example
Area Schema Area Tablespace System Tablespace
Area consists of objects Objects are Tables or Indexes Tablespace consists of segments Segments: Tables, Indexes, Undo, etc
Each Object has one or more Clusters (SAT2) Clusters size could be 8,64 or 512 blocks Each Segment has one or more Extents An extent is a series of blocks that are consecutivly numbered within a datafile
Clusters consist of blocks blocks 1,2,4 or 8K Extents consist of blocks blocks 2,4,8,16,32 or 64K
Validation Expression field-name > 0 Constraint column_name > 0
Unknown value ? NULL blank varchar2 '' is null
Mandatory field-name <> ? NOT NULL column_name is not null
Inactive index proutil -C idxbuild inactiveindexes Unusable index alter table rebuild unusable indexes;
Data Types
Progress Example Oracle Example Notes
character format "x(100)" varchar2 varchar2(100) In Oracle size specified is a restriction
decimal format ">>>>9.99" number number(7,2) In Progress format is not a restriction
integer format ">>>>9" number number(5) So Oracle data type size <> Progress format
date format 99/99/9999 date 'MMDDYY HH24:MI:SS' Oracle date has also time
logical format yes/no N/A N/A ' '
datetime HH:MM:SS.SSS+HH:MM timestamp 'HH24:MI:SS.FF5' Oracle timestamp could have fractions of seconds
int64 format ">>>>9" number number(38) ' '
rowid same rowid same ' '
recid 123456789 N/A N/A ' '
blob,clob same blob,clob same ' '
raw same raw same ' '
Metaschema and VST
Progress Table Field Oracle View Column
_AreaExtent _Extent-Path DBA_DATA_FILES FILE_NAME
_StorageObject _Object-type (1,2 or 3) dba_objects object_type (38 types)
_Sequence _Sequence._Seq-name DBA_SEQUENCES SEQUENCE_NAME
VST Virtual System Tables V$ (Vee dollar) views The Dynamic Performace Views
_Connect v$session
_DbStatus v$instance and v$sysstat
Tools with similar functionality
Progress Editor _progres SQL*Plus sqlplus
Progress Architect Progress V10.1 + SQL Deveoper Oracle V10g +
Open Edge Management Progress v9 + Oracle Grid Control Oracle V10g +
Open Edge Replication Progress v9 + Oracle DataGuard Oracle V7 +
OE Replication Plus Progress v9 + Active DataGuard Oracle V10 +
Trigger Replication Progress v8 + Logical Replication with DataGuard Oracle V10 +
Bravepoint pro2sql Progress v9 + Oracle Golden Gates Oracle V10 +
none N/A Oracle RAC Oracle V10 +