How to grow bi to its normal size ( bigrow )

Sometimes it is necessary to truncate bi. In those cases it is helpful to grow bi back to its normal size. It could be done with bigrow option of proutil. There we need to specify the number of clusters. Here is a formula to calculate that number. First we need to find the actual size (HWM) of bi. _AreaStatus will provide us that information (in bi-blocks). To receive the bi size in bytes one need to multiply _AreaStatus-Hiwater by bi block size (_DbStatus-BiBlkSize). Then to get bigrow we need to divide the result by bi cluster size (_DbStatus-BiClSize) and further divide by 1024 because _DbStatus-BiClSize is in KB

find _AreaStatus where _AreaStatus-Areanum = 3 no-lock no-error.
find _dbStatus no-lock no-error.
display _AreaStatus-Hiwater * _dbStatus._DbStatus-BiBlkSize / _DbStatus-BiClSize / 1024.